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Harry Potter Stillness

The Non-Animated Harry Potter Icontest

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- The Non-animated Harry Potter Icontest

Active Mod(s): jethros_mom & autumn_mist
Inactive Mods: bemygoodday and 4am_secret

Stillness Communities Created By: quebelly
HP Branch Created By: feannaro
Previous Mods: unwoundfantasy, evening_star, leetje
Interested in creating a stillness community? Check out mod_stillness

1. Submissions may NOT be animated.

2. Submission Posts must remain anonymous. This also means you may not use your icon or post it anywhere until the voting period is over. Two strikes and you're banned. This does not mean to comment anonymously -- the comments are screened, so you don't need to worry about that. :)

3. No telling your friends to vote for you. It breaks rule #2 and is unfair to the people who follow the rules.

4. No voting for yourself.

5. To keep things fair, you must vote for the specified amount. Otherwise your vote will not be counted.

6. Make sure your submission fits LJ's size limits and are formatted as .jpg, .gif, or .png.

7. You may embellish your icon with stock images/brushes, but you may not use any images of the subject other than the one(s) provided for you at the start of the challenge.

8. Only two icons per challenge, per person (even if you have multiple accounts). If submitting two icons, please submit them both in the same comment.

1. Entries must be submitted as comments to a specified post. These comments are screened.

2. You will need to have your entry hosted to a site that allows remote linking. For example Photobucket.

3. Your submission comment must include a preview of the entry and the URL. Example:


1. Submission deadline is Saturday at 11:59 p.m. EST!

2. Entries will be up for voting Sunday-Thursday.

3. New challenge will be posted on Sunday.

4. Winners will be announced on Friday. (Unless voting is extended)

(ie: a challenge posted the 1st will have submission time from the 1st-7th, be voted on the 8th-12th, with winners announced on the 13th. Got it? Good.)

1. You have to be a member of the community to vote.

2. No voting for yourself, or on false pretenses (it's unfair to other entrants, and really just sucks).

3. Anonymous votes will not be counted!

4. In order to win the Special Services Award you must vote in that challenge!

1. First, Second, and Third places will be awarded according to poll votes (or other method).

2. The moderator will then choose a fourth entry to win "Special Award for Services to the School".

3. If an icon is discovered to have won via hoax, the member will be banned.

Sister Communities

Our affiliates and sister communities were updated September 5th, 2010. If your community was removed and you would like it listed again (if your community will be active again), feel free to let us know!

If you prefer linking with buttons, you can use either of these:
(hosted on tinypic so feel free to hotlink)

If you wish to be an affiliate, please leave a comment in this post only -- anywhere else and it will be easily missed; please note that we will not affiliate with inactive or irregular contests! We will begin checking this, and if your icontest is not on a regular schedule, or has not been updated within the past week, you will be taken off the list.

Please visit our Suggestion Box to leave any suggestions/ideas.

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